Rikard Jansson

(formerly known as Rikard Åslund)

Studio Manager at Paradox Interactive / Paradox Development Studio (Green)
Stellaris, Programmer, Game Developer


Game developer with over a decade of experience, with the majority of those in leadership roles.

My name is Rikard Jansson, formerly known as Rikard Åslund. I have had multiple roles over the years ranging from Programmer, Project Lead, Producer Manager, VP of Development and now Studio Manager. I report directly to the COO of Paradox Interactive.

PDS Green is a internal Game Development Studio of Paradox Interactive. We are currently a bit over 80 employees of various disciplines and are, among other things, responsible for the development of Stellaris.


Grand Strategy Games

Below is a showcase of a few of the games that I have been involved with. In reality I have had some involvement in more or less all internal developed Grand Strategy Games (8+) since 2011. The games I worked the most with is by far Stellaris and EU4.


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